On behalf of all of us at Geist Interactive including Bella, my American Bulldog, I would like to wish you a happy holiday season – and thank you for all your incredible support in 2016! Woof!

It has been a great year for Geist Interactive, and I’m grateful to have worked with such great clients, talented partners, the staff at FileMaker and developers all around the world.  A few highlights include:

  • The wonderful reception to our “Custom Software is a Right” movement.
    • We believe that people should not be stuck with software that doesn’t do what they need it to.  And that they can, and deserve, a system that is tailor-fit to their business. FileMaker and the development community are delivering on this concept in a huge way, and we are proud to be changing the lives of business owners every day.
  • Participation in the FileMaker Business Alliance Partner Council.
    • The FBA council is made up of nine FBA members from around the world. We meet several times throughout the year to help the team at FileMaker with strategy and product direction. I look forward to many great things in 2017 – stay tuned!
  • Hiring Dave Graham to head up Professional Services.
    • We now have a full-time person responsible for our custom development team!
    • Learn more here ->
  • Launching three new products: FMPerception, fmQBO and Barcode Creator
    • In addition to our custom software development services, we also make add-ons and developer utilities for the FileMaker platform. We finished two new versions this year, and invite you to download free trials if you havent’t already.
      • FMPerception v1.0 the fastest, most-accurate database utility for searching, analyzing and maintaining FileMaker custom apps.
      • fmQBO v2.0 – the easiest, most-reliable method for keeping FileMaker in sync with QuickBooks Online.
      • Barcode Creator v1.5 – The easiest way to generate Barcodes with just Filemaker.
  • Thousands of views of our “JavaScript is Eating the World” video.

A personal highlight is the work that we do in our community. Thank you to everyone who is part of the non-profit education center that my wife and I founded called One Spark Academy.  We’re so thankful to everyone who has contributed to the success of this organization that has helped more than 150 children.  Learn more or donate to our year-end fund drive here:


I wish all the best to you and your families in 2017, and I look forward to connecting with you again in the New Year.

Warm regards,
~ Todd

Todd Geist
Geist Interactive