Designed to help FileMaker developers create the highest-quality custom apps – faster and easier than ever before.

NEWBURY PARK, Calif. – December 6, 2016 – For FileMaker developers dealing with perceiving the detailed structure of their custom apps, Geist Interactive today announced the availability of a new version of FMPerception™ database analysis tool.

“Until now, database analysis tools have operated so slowly that they disrupt a developer’s workflow and mindset which is why they don’t get used often enough,” said Todd Geist, CEO of Geist Interactive, one of the leading FileMaker Certified Developers and FileMaker Business Alliance Member.

“FMPerception is by far the fastest FileMaker database analysis utility available, which is why FileMaker developers might literally use it every few minutes – which ultimately helps them create better, higher-quality solutions faster than they ever have before. I believe that any FileMaker developer who tries FMPerception for a single day will wonder how they ever survived without it.”

“FMPerception instantly became one of my ‘can’t develop without’ tools – for its speed of analysis, and ability to query deep into every part of a solution,” said John Renfrew, FileMaker developer at Attitude in the UK.

“Thanks a lot for the new Report Card feature. That’s really fantastic and extremely helpful. For me, FMPerception is the best FileMaker developer tool ever,” said Jörg Köster, FileMaker developer and owner at JK Solutions in Germany.

About FMPerception

FMPerception™ is the fastest, most-accurate database utility for searching, analyzing and maintaining FileMaker custom apps. It helps developers create the highest-quality FileMaker custom apps – faster and easier than they ever have before. Because it uses a powerful progressive analysis technique, it quickly gives developers current and accurate information about their FileMaker application’s structure – so they can get the answers they need to stay in the flow and keep programming.

 What’s New:

  • NEW! Database Report Card – Gives a high level overview of a FileMaker system. It’s designed to give an indication of the complexity and potential problems in a FileMaker application, which is indispensable for a project that has been inherited.
  • NEW! Call Chain Visualization – It literally adds another dimension to the perception of how a solution’s scripts work together. Developers can follow the flow of their scripts from top to bottom with this two-dimensional flow chart of scripts.

Plus, FMPerception does all this and more:

  • Displays every detail of a FileMaker database’s structure in seconds by simply opening the FileMaker Pro Advanced Database Design Report (DDR) with FMPerception.
  • Generates a complete view of a multi-file solution so developers can see everything in one place.
  • Identifies security concerns like accounts with missing passwords and scripts that run with full access privilege.
  • Detects layout objects that may be bogging down a solution, such as objects that have local CSS or portals that require lots of relationships to resolve.
  • Finds broken references and unreferenced objects so they can be fixed or removed.
  • Shows where specific scripts, global variables, layouts, fields and custom functions are used.
  • Includes a free form text search to find virtually any string used in a FileMaker custom app.
  • Documents the differences between two versions of a solution using the DiffViewer.
  • Displays details in a modern, customizable interface to meet each individual’s specific needs.
  • Makes it easy to copy snippets of code and paste into another FileMaker database.
  • Eliminates disruptions to the development workflow and coding mindset to help developers operate at maximum productivity throughout the day.
  • Works with FileMaker Pro Advanced 12, 13, 14 and 15.
  • Runs on Macs and Windows PCs.

Pricing and Availability

FMPerception is available to try free for 14 days on Mac or PC via download from the Geist Interactive website:

After the trial, pricing starts at just US$499