We are very excited to release the prettiest new feature to hit FMPerception, since it’s initial release. It’s called the Call Chain Diagram.  You can use the diagram to easily visualize all the scripts that call or are called by a given FileMaker Script in an interactive 2D chart.

FileMaker Script Calls Up and Down the Chain

The Call Chain Diagram makes it easy to navigate up and down a given script’s call chain. The interactive chart lets you scroll around and zoom in and out so you can see just the section you want to zoom out to get the big picture. Click on the nodes to hide or show child scripts. Hover over script names to get information about that script.  With FMPerception you can stop guessing about how a given FileMaker script interacts with the all the other FileMaker scripts in the system.  Just open up the Call Chain Diagram and see it all from top to bottom.

This is our first advanced visualization feature, but it won’t be the last. We have lots of other plans for features that will make it easier for you to understand your own databases or ones that you inherit. The nice thing about FMPerception is that as long as you have a current license you get updates, automatically. So all this great new stuff will just keep flowing to you.

FMPerception is FMReality

FMPerception is used by FileMaker Developer’ around the world. It is quickly becoming the FileMaker Developer’s go to tool of choice with its speed and its wide array of FileMaker Database analysis capabilities. Download a free 14 day trial and get started today.

FMPerception works with FileMaker Pro, versions 12 through 15, anything with a .fmp12 file extension. You will need FileMaker Pro Advanced to produce Database Design Reports. Mac OSX 10.10 required.