My presentation, “JavaScript is Eating the World” was released last week along with the rest of the Web Track presentations.

Update: JavaScript People Please note. This talk was aimed at people who haven’t done much Node or React. So there is some intro material you may not find useful.  The Javascript coding starts about 15 minutes in.

It’s my take on the history of JavaScript and why FileMaker developers should be paying attention to JavaScript. I had a lot of fun with this talk, especially the part where I broke my server 🙂

The first 15 minutes of the talk are all slides. I cover a brief history of JavaScript, and why it’s a great match for FileMaker. Then for the last 45 minutes, we are just coding. It’s pretty much all JavaScript from then on out.

FileMaker + Node.js Equals Awesome

In the video, I cover a lot of ground trying to make the point that node and it’s huge ecosystem work really well together.  Its pretty high level.  I don’t dive into lots of detail. I am just trying to show what’s possible. Here are some of the things I show in the live coding section.

  1. Create a simple web server with just raw node.js
  2. upgrade that server to Express.js
  3. deploy that to the cloud using now from
  4. upgrade it again to a feathers.js server
  5. connect that server to a FileMaker Server using feathers filemaker
  6. construct a simple react.js app from components
  7. connect that react.js app to our feathers server
  8. demonstrate a web socket connection


javascript presentation download.