We are very excited to release Barcode Creator version 1.4.  In this version, Barcode Creator gets support for DataBar and DataBar Expanded symbologies, some speed improvements, and a couple of other refinements. With this release Barcode Creator can generate every symbology that FileMaker Go can scan, and it still does it without fonts, servers, or plugins. Its all just pure Filemaker scripts.

Databar and Databar Expanded are barcode symbologies that have been in wide spread use in the retail industry since the 80s. Since Barcode Creator was released 2 years ago, we have had many requests to add it support for DataBar to Barcode Creator, and we are thrilled to get it in place.

Other New Features

In addition to the new symbologies, this release also has some speed improvements, and another interesting feature. You no longer need to set the Width and Height of the generated barcode. If you leave the width and height out, Barcode Creator will pick the best width and height for the barcode, or it will use the width and height of the currently field. See the User Guide for more information.


Barcode Creator is available starting at $199. Version 1.4 is a free upgrade for all existing customers.