I am back! Last year, I took the year off from speaking. But this year I am back. I have two presentations on totally awesome fun topics; building native iOS apps, and JavaScript.

iOS SDK – Launcher FileIOS-Logo.png

My talk on building native iOS apps with FileMaker iOS Application SDK will center around the concept of a “Launcher file”. It turns out that you only need to bundle one file into your application.  The rest of the files you need for your app can reside on servers, or be downloaded to your app as needed. This little, simple idea has a number of interesting benefits, from managed updates, to offline access, and even syncing.

JavaScript is Eating the World!

This is provocative tittle is actually a semi-famous quote that was making its way around the internet a year or so back. It was a play on an even more famous quote, “Software is Eating the World“, by Mark Andressan.  JavaScript is currently experiencing explosive growth. It is a relatively easy language to learn, runs on just about every device imaginable, and powers every web application in the world today. It also happens to work quite well with FileMaker.

In this talk, we are going to look at how we can use a full stack JavaScript approach to building custom web applications and APIs using JavaScript and FileMaker. We’ll build a server back end with node.js, quickly built out some API’s connected to FileMaker, and then whip up a web page with Facebook’s React.Come and check out the fun!