Today we are releasing Barcode Creator 1.3.0 with support for generating EPS barcodes on Mac Desktops.  The EPS file format is vector based and therefor scales up or down with no pixelating; like you get with bitmap formats (PNG). A bug in FileMaker prevents the correctly produced EPS file from rendering in container fields on anything other than macs. But the feature is so important for some use cases, we decide to make it available


FileMaker Bug

It’s important to note that Barcode Creator correctly produces a valid EPS file on all FileMaker supported devices and browsers. The EPS files can be opened by other programs that can use EPS, such as Adobe InDesign.  The bug just prevents it from rendering correctly in a container field on anything other than a Mac. If you are planning to export the Barcode EPS and use it another program or send directly to a printer, it will work just fine.

The bug, found by Barcode Creator’s creator, Jeremey Bante, has been confirmed by FileMaker and hopefully it will be addressed at some point. If this is important to you, please let FileMaker know by commenting on this thread.

Free Upgrade

This is a free upgrade for all customers who have purchased Barcode Creator in the past.  You can download the new version from your account at  Documentation on how to upgrade your solution to use the new version is available.

Please contact support if you have any questions.