Does the Apple Pencil work with FileMaker Go? The answer is yes!  You can use an Apple Pencil along with FileMaker Go’s native signature capture feature. Here at Geist Interactive we have two addons for FileMaker Go, GoDraw and GoSign and both Apple Pencil compatible. So now you can say “FileMaker Go Apple Pencil” as if they belonged together. 🙂

The Apple Pencil is a very nice stylus that works with Apple’s new iPad Pro. It doesn’t work with the older iPad models. It is perfect for any time you want to write or draw in a application. FileMaker Go’s native signature capture works pretty well with the new Pencil. It is much easier than signing with your finger.

GoDraw and GoSign

GoSign is an advanced signature capture addon for FileMaker. It gives you more options that FileMaker Go’s native implementation, and it works on FileMake Pro as well.  The Apple Pen works great as a stylus with GoSign, giving it a big advantage over your index finger.

GoDraw is drawing addon for FileMaker Pro, and FileMaker Go. It lets you add drawing features to any FileMaker Go application.  You can use text tools, line  and shape tools and you guessed it a pen tool to draw on an image from a container field. Or you can just draw on any empty canvas.  The Apple Pen works great with the GoDraws Pen Tool

“FileMaker Go Apple Pencil”

One thing to note; the cool feature that lets the Apple Pen control the thickness of the line, won’t work with FileMaker Go.  That require special access not yet available to FileMaker Go Apps. Hopefully at some point in the future we can get access to API that will let us work with the force applied to the pencil.  That would “FileMaker Go Apple Pencil” just roll of the tongue more than it already does. 🙂