Todd Geist, founder of Geist Interactive, was awarded the FBA Excellence Award for Development Leadership at the 2015 FileMaker Developer’s conference.  The award was given out for the work Todd did on evangelizing the Selector Connector Design Pattern.

I am honored to receive this award. Collaboration and sharing are an important part of building a thriving ecosystem to support the FileMaker Platform. I wish to thank Jason Young ( @terapicodata ) of SeedCode for the collaboration that lead to our codifying Selector Connector. In truth he deserves to share this award with me, for he contributed just as much as I did. I doubt Selector Connector would have become so popular with out him.

 – Todd Geist

This marks the second year in a row that Geist Interactive received an FBA Excellence Award.  Last year, Barcode Creator received the Commercial Product of the Year Award.