We are very excited to release Barcode Creator v1.1.  Last year, Barcode Creator won Commercial Product of the Year. But we didn’t stop there. Today it gets three new symbologies, including QR Code. It also gets a nice image rendering speed boost. Barcode Creator v1.1 is available today on our web store.

FileMaker QR Code

Barcode Creator can generate 16 different barcodes with out installing fonts, plugins, or using a web service. Version 1.1 adds Codabar,  QR Code and GS1 QR Code. Now you can create FileMaker QR Codes just like all the cool kids. If you can write a script, you can use Barcode Creator.

Native FileMaker

It uses native FileMaker functions and scripts to build the barcodes. It is super simple to install and to use. You don’t have to worry about making sure each client’s computer has the font or plugin installed. Barcode Creator works everywhere FileMaker 12 or 13 does. It supports the entire FileMaker Platform!

It takes just a few minutes to integrate into your solution. There is extensive documentation, and several videos that walk you through how to use Barcode Creator.


  • Creates barcodes with FileMaker Scripts
  • Supports 16 popular barcode symbologies
  • Doesn’t require plugins
  • No fonts to install
  • Nothing to install on server
  • Doesn’t even need an internet connection
  • Integrates with your FileMaker solution in minutes
  • Works with Web Direct, Custom Web Publishing and Server Side Scripts
  • Free demo example available for download

What’s New in v1.1

  • Faster image rendering!
  • Three new symbologies
    • Codabar
    • GS1 QR Code
    • QR Code

System Requirements

FileMaker Pro 13, FileMaker Server 13, FileMaker Go 13
FileMaker Pro 12 and FileMaker Server 12 requires a free plugin.

Pricing and Availability

Barcode Creator v1.1 starts at $199 (USD) and is available for purchase today. Developer and Redistribution licenses are also available.  See pricing for more info. A free example demo version is available for download.  Give it a try!

Free Upgrades

Existing customers can download the new version from their account at http://www.geistinteractive.com/account/

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