We love FileMaker. We love QuickBooks Online. We also love Macs, and that proved to be a problem. The existing solutions for connecting FileMaker to Quickbooks Online required a Windows PC. The combination of FileMaker QuickBooks Mac was a problem. We decided to solve it.

So we did!

Filemaker QuickBooks Mac Integrationfilemaker quickbooks mac

We are releasing a new product called, FMQBO. FMQBO connects FileMaker 12 or 13 running on Macs (and/or PCs) to QuickBooks Online.  With it you will be able to write FileMaker scripts that access data in your Quickbooks Online Account. You will be able to search it, create it, edit it, and update it, all from the comfort of a FileMaker script.  Check out the FAQs for more info.

FMQBO Runs on Windows Too

Although we use Macs here at Geist Interactive, our development partner on this project, Dan Smith ( @dansmith65 ) does all of his development on Windows PCs. That means that FMQBO will be rigorously tested on both platforms to ensure that there is feature parity.

FMQBO Pre-Release

We have been hard at work on FMQBO for a while now. It is currently in a limited pre-release. We will be releasing it to more customers soon. Let us know if you would like to get access to the pre-release.

100,000 New Customers a Quarter

QuickBooks Online is currently adding 100,000 new customers a quarter. Thats a huge number. It’s clear that Online is the future of QuickBooks and we excited to be a part of it.