FileMaker Drawing Tool

We are very excited to release GoDraw v2.0 today.  GoDraw is a full featured drawing editor that you can easily add to your FileMaker applications. You can give your users the ability to draw on or annotate images, photos, and diagrams. Or you could use it to give your users a FileMaker based whiteboard. In addition to all the new features, GoDraw v2.o runs now runs  on Macs, PC, as well as iPads.



Whats New

GoDraw 2.0 is a complete rewrite of GoDraw 1. Just about everything is new. GoDraw is now a full featured drawing editor. It includes lots of new tools such as:

  • Text Tool
  • Shape Tools
  • Straight Line Tools
  • Curved Line Tools
  • Arrow Tools

Each object you draw remains selectable.  You can select it, rotate it ,scale it, and change its stack order. Once an object is selected you can adjust properties like, font, color, and transparency.


Favorites are smallish images or icons that you want to use as part of your drawing.  They could be things like map pins, or warning icons, really anything that you want to be able to drop on your drawing to indicate something or give it meaning.  They could also be other photos. GoDraw lets you use up to 6 different image to use as favorites.

Works with Container Fields

GoDraw works with images stored in container fields.  It will take a PNG or or JPEG file from a container field to use as the background of the drawing.  When you save a Drawing you get back a container field.

Full Functioning Demo

The GoDraw Demo file has all the functionality of the full version. The only difference is that the Demo sticks a watermark in the resulting image.  Otherwise its the same. In fact you can integrate GoDraw into your own solution just using the demo file.  You can download the demo file from the main GoDraw page.

Upgrades and Pricing

GoDraw v2. pricing starts at just $299 for a Basic Site License. Upgrade discounts are available for anyone who purchased GoDraw v1. Please email us at