This video is part 1 in a series on FileMaker Transactions and why you should use them. In this video, we look at a slow FileMaker Report. The report is slow because it is based on unstored calculations. We look at a way to speed up the report, by storing data closer to where the calculation needs to occur.  This lets us create our report using less unstored calculations. The result is a report that is much faster.

However, this opens our solution up to database integrity problems because no we have the same data stored in many places. In theory this is a bad practice. But in the real world of multi-user FileMaker applications running over the internet, it turns out to be something you will need to do.

We solve this problem by employing FileMaker Transactions to make sure that we can reliably keep the de-normalized data in sync.

Part 2. is now available. Simple FileMaker Transactions

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