This summer, I traveled back east to visit one of my customers. STAT Biomed is a medical equipment sales and service company based in Middleboro, MA.  They have been using FileMaker for years, and have enjoyed great success with it.  Last year they asked us to help them modify their system to help them meet the changing needs of their business.  That new system has been in place for a year now and we wanted to see how things were going.  Here is the story.

“Since GoZync came out, we are light years ahead of everybody.” – Bill Peloquin, Owner, STAT Biomed

STAT Biomed had a couple of problems dealing with their mobile work force of service techs. It was hard to figure out who was going to be where and when, because they had no visual way to see their schedule.  They also had a lot of problems using a paper based system to manage the work on the road.  It was hard to make corrections or change up jobs during the day, and they had to re-enter  all of the forms by hand into the system when the tech finally did get back to the office.  This was costing them time and money.

We implemented the SeedCode Calendar to give them a better schedule view of who was going to be where and at what time.  Then we used GoZync, our offline framework for FileMaker Go to build them a custom mobile application that they could use on iPads in the field.  This eliminated double entry errors, and made it simple to send new jobs to the techs on the road.

STAT Biomed now has a custom software solution designed just for their business.  They are able to be completely paper free on the road.  They make fewer data entry errors, and they are more responsive to their customers.  In short, they love it!

If you would like to find out how FileMaker and GoZync can help your business, please get in touch with us.  We would be happy to help.