I am pleased to announce that I am speaking at the FileMaker Developer’s Conference again this year. DevCon will be held in Miami, Florida, July 16-19 2012.  Click for more info about the venue and registration.

This year I am giving two presentations. One on the first day and one on the last day.  Here are the abstracts and schedules for each of the sessions. Hope to see you there.

Re-Usable Code: Breaking free of Context
Tuesday, July 17th, 9:00am

Most of a FileMaker developer’s work isn’t inventing HOW to do something, it is RE-thinking how to do it in the current layout’s context. In other words, write your scripts, calcs, and other features to be context-free and you can get back to the real work of building great solutions. FileMaker code has traditionally been tightly bound to the layout and its context. Recent versions of FileMaker Pro have added several new features which make it easier to break free of context, and write your code in ways that are reusable, portable, and testable. Learn to do this and you will spend less time debugging and have more time for adding new features and a great user experience.

Design For Offline: Building FileMaker Go Apps That Work When The Internet Doesn’t
Thursday July 19th, 2:00PM

FileMaker Go embodies a unique blend of ease of use, flexibility, and power that allows it to reach places its desktop-bound predecessors never could. We have helped our clients build applications that need to work in basements, in trucks driving down rural back roads, on constructions sites, and in remote villages in Africa. These applications have to work even when the internet doesn’t. Our work with these clients taught us that the data exchange method is only one small piece of the puzzle. In this session we will review a selection of these methods and focus on the other pieces such as, workflow, schema design, and lean data sets. If you “design for offline,” whatever method you choose for exchanging data will be easier and more robust.