Newbury Park, CA – Jan 29, 2012
Geist Interactive today announces the release of GoDraw 1.0, a new drawing extension for FileMaker Go. GoDraw makes it easy to integrate simple drawing features into any FileMaker Go application. You can select different pen colors and thicknesses and draw with your finger right on the layout. With GoDraw you can even draw right on top of photos. All of the drawing data is saved in the database.

Newbury Park, California – Geist Interactive is pleased to introduce GoDraw for FileMaker Go an extension that allows you to add drawing features to any FileMaker Go based application. GoDraw can be used to quickly and easily scribble notes on a canvas, mark up photos or draw on top of technical diagrams and street maps. GoDraw can draw on any photo or image.

GoDraw comes in two versions. A completely free unlocked “Lite” version and paid “full” version. The full version is also completely unlocked.

Imagine a housing inspector in the field with an iPad and a FileMaker Go application. She can take a picture of some problem with a house, perhaps some peeling paint. Then using GoDraw she can draw right on the photo, highlighting exactly where the problem is. Next, right on the iPad, she can insert the GoDraw enhanced photo in an email and send it of to her client. That spells awesome!

GoDraw represents a major breakthrough in FileMaker Go user interface technology. Geist Interactive has developed a methodology and toolchain that makes it easier to develop and deploy user interface widgets designed with HTML5 and Javascript for FileMaker Go and FileMaker Pro. GoDraw is the first add-on developed with this new technology.

All of the drawing features work even when the internet doesn’t. “We work hard to embed as much of the resources and behaviors as we possibly can right into the FileMaker database. This makes it possible for GoDraw to work even when you don’t have an internet connection,” says Todd Geist of Geist Interactive.

Feature Highlights:

  • Draw right on your FileMaker Go Screens
  • Simple Integration – takes 15 minutes
  • Store the drawing data in your database.
  • Drawing works offline
  • Save drawings as PDFs – attach to emails.
  • Draw on images, photos, and diagrams
  • Use different color pens
  • 5 professional mobile themes
  • Example Files

System Requirements

  • Mac OSX 10. 5 Or later or Windows XP or later
  • FileMaker 10 or 11
  • FileMaker Go 1.2.1 or later

Pricing and Availability:
GoDraw Lite is FREE and unlocked
GoDraw Full is $149 for up to 5 devices, $249 for an unlimited site license and $599 for a distribution license.

Visit the GoDraw web page for more info.