I had a great time at the Southern Ontario FileMaker Association meeting.  The weather was really nice. I didn’t even need to break out my winter coat. I want to thank Dave Pong for setting it up, and for getting the word out. Thanks to every one who came.

We covered a wide range of topics, centered mostly on FileMaker Go and the mobile opportunity.  We looked at Worx, a new product that John Sindelar @seedcode and I are developing for our GoZync framework.  We used it as a case study for tightly focused, mobile UI design. We also demoed GoZync itself and discussed its features and benefits.

Lastly, we discussed Virtual Lists. Virtual Lists are not just for mobile.  They have lots of uses in desktop applications as well.  John has built some really beautiful ones into the WorxMobile file, so we poked around at those.  We also discussed how Virtual Lists can real speed up performance bottlenecks. We looked at real solution where we implemented Virtual Lists and where able to reduce the time it took to redraw a nice cross tab interface from 15 seconds down to 1.

John Sindelar put up a brief post on the SeedCode Blog with a link to an example file. You can download it there.


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