I am speaking at the Southern Ontario FileMaker Association tonight.  I will be speaking on the Mobile Opportunity For FileMaker Developers. This should be fun. I haven’t been to this group in a long, long time.   Here is a link to the meeting info.

The Mobile Opportuntity
  • FileMaker Go gives FileMaker developers an easy way to serve a whole new class of client
    • Who are these clients?
    • What problems do they have?
    • Why is it such a great opportunity?
  • Going Local – Give your FileMaker Go apps the best chance for success
    • Installed Locally on the Device
    • Targeted, task specific apps.
  • What are the issues that need to be solved?
    • Data Exchange
    • Crummy Networks
    • Transactional Integrity
  • Deploying FileMaker Files to Mobile Devices
    • GoZync is a framework and product that makes it easier to build robust FileMaker Go Apps that work offline
    • Demo and Discussion
  • Miscellaneous Topics and Demos ( if time )
    • GoSign Advanced Signature Capture for FileMaker Go
    • Virtual Lists – very flexible way to calculate up and display lists of data on the fly
    • Understanding Commit Record (if anyone wants to ask about the DevCon Session and if there is time)