I was complaining to Richard Gaskin of FouthWorld about how LiveCode’s Application Browser showed plugin stacks. I almost never want to see those there. They just get in the way.  Richard convinced me that I could create a Patcher Stack that would solve the problem. So I did.

I created a stack that installs a patch that allows you to Hide any open stacks that are in folder named “Plugins”.  This solves most of the cases although it could be improved.  Once the patch is installed you can toggle the Hide Plugins filter on and off.

This does modify a LiveCode Stack. The file is in /Tools/Toolset/revapplicationoverview.rev.  Although I don’t create a back up, I do provide an uninstaller.  And the script that is modified is clearly marked up so that you can see what was changed.

This my first attempt at patching the LiveCode IDE. I would welcome any feedback Please let me know if you find any issues, by commenting on this post.

if you are in LiveCode just enter this in the message box

go URL “https://files.geistinteractive.net/a/FilterPlugins.livecode