This post is a direct response to a support request I got from a customer earlier today.  The question was how do you change the size of the captured signature?  It isn’t too hard, but unless people are real familiar with how the web viewer works they might miss some of the key steps.  So I thought I would throw together a little demo file and screen cast to show how  it is done.

First, here is the idea behind the technique.  Remember GoSign captures signatures as Base64 encoded image URLS.  These are also called “image urls”, since the are a “URL” that has the image data in it instead of the image location.  That means that they work perfectly as the “src’ of an image tag.  Image tags also have “width” and height” attributes that can be used to scale an image up or down.  So to re-size our captured signature, all we need to do is embed our image url in an img tag in a web page and set either the height or image tag.

Apologies, the demo files have gone missing.

And here is a screen cast

ARVE Error: need id and provider

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