Nov 22, 2010, Newbury Park, CA.

Geist Interactive is proud to announce the release of GoSign v1.0.  GoSign makes it easy to add signature capture to any FIleMaker Go solution. With GoSign you can incorporate Signature Capture into any FileMaker Go work flow.  It only takes about 15 minutes to integrate into any solution.

Signatures are captured and stored as Base64 encoded data:urls which makes them easy to display in web viewers or to embed into HTML email.  You can also convert these into PNG files later for storage and display using the free GoSignCompanion plugin.

Geist Interactive founder, Todd Geist, said “I am very excited about releasing this product.  As far as I know this is the first commercial, in application extension to FileMaker Go. This solution requires no other application, no plugins, and no server to do its work.  It is 100 percent FileMaker magic! We have been shipping beta versions for about a month now and have gotten tremendous feedback.  We tried to get as much of our users suggestions into this final release as we could.”

For more information on pricing and to try out demos, please visit the GoSign web page, Site licenses and distribution licenses are available.

Geist Interactive is a FileMaker consultancy known for its creative outside the box style and for deep knowledge of the FileMaker engine.  Todd Geist, Geist Interactive’s founder, has given presentations and training seminars at conferences and events all over the United States and the United Kingdom.   Geist Interactive is located in Newbury Park, CA.


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