UPDATE: I just added a new screen that shows your location too

So I have come up with a method to get Geolocation data into FileMaker.  I am using only native FileMaker scripting and layouts. 100 percent pure FileMaker goodness, made from all natural organic free range sustainable scripts.  No web services, no FileMaker Server, and of course no plug-ins.

I have put up a demo file and I would love it people would log in and try it out.  Once I make sure the bugs worked out I will release it in some form.   Here is the info.

Server: gogeo.geistinteractive.com

file: Geo.fp7

User name and password it is “demo” and “demo”.

I am not sure if “altitude” is working or not. But you should be able to get latitude and longitude. Oh and by the way you need FileMaker Go :>)

Please give me some feedback on what sort of geo location or map stuff you would like to see. The technique I have come up is pretty flexible. I might be able to extent to even do more stuff.

Please let me know what you would like to see.

One more thing. If any of you do think the location is off, can you please let me know if it is the map that is off or the latitude and longitude is off.  Or both!.  It is conceivable that the map might show the wrong spot, even if the latitude  and longitude is correct.

UPDATE:  Chad Novotny of the Support Group, gave away the secret :>)  The basic trick is to use a Web Viewer to get the geolocation data.  FileMaker Go uses Mobile Safari in its web viewers. Mobile Safari, being chocked  full of HTML 5 goodness, has a Javascript object which has access to the geolocation data.  I’ll make my example file available as soon as I work out a few more issues with altitude.