I have to say I just love this thing!

FileMaker Go is much more than just a way to access FileMaker Databases on your iOS device. It represents the beginning of a whole new platform.

There is quite simply, no easier way to develop database driven iOS apps than with FileMaker.  I have to believe that the FileMaker market is going to expand quite dramatically as a result of this release.

Consider this:

A FileMaker developer can walk into any corporation that is running MySQL, Oracle, or Microsoft Server, and give them a functioning secure application that access their corporate backend database in a ridiculously short amount of time.  Certainly much faster then they could do it with traditional tools.  I don’t think any toolset out there can beat the combination of FileMaker Go, FileMaker Server and ESS.

Consider this:

There are over 100 million iOS device out there today.  How many will be out there, next year, or the year after? How long before people expect and want there custom business solution to run on an iPhone or iPad?

Consider this:

FileMaker Go’s application development cycle is a way  faster than anyone building custom iOS apps.  Forget even how easy it is to use.  A custom iOS application developer has to wait for Apple to approve their application before rolling it out there users.  A FileMaker Go developer can roll out new versions when ever he or she wants.

I am pretty convinced that we are seeing the end of the “PC” era.  PC’s will be around for a long time, but their time of dominance is coming to an end. The future will be full of iOS devices and iOS devices.  FileMaker Go represents the first step for the FileMaker community towards that brave new world!