Everything at a glance.

Say goodbye to hidden complexities – our 3D view reveals layout secrets at a glance. It’s the game-changer you need for a visual FileMaker experience.

Why 3D?

Traditional flat displays conceal depth, but our 3D approach brings clarity to FileMaker’s layout complexities. See more, understand better.

Utilize FM Clipboard Data

Skip the XML hassle—no need for DDR or ‘Save a copy as XML’ output. Swiftly access information with a simple copy/paste, whether it’s the entire layout or individual objects.


Explore a versatile interface with tree, grid, detail, and render views, including an exploded diagram revealing intricate details like popover regions, inspired by the intuitive design of web browser developer tools.

Enjoy an ad-free experience by simply leveraging your FMPerception license. Ready to enhance your Realtime Developer Intelligence for FileMaker? Dive deeper by visiting the FMPerception page now and discover the seamless integration of FMLayoutLens.