Welcome to the Modern FileMaker Revolution

Business systems are no longer one thing. They are now networks of applications that live in the cloud.

The days of monolithic apps running on local area networks are long gone. Businesses are increasingly dependent on a network of cloud-centered custom apps and off-the-shelf services. The challenge is getting different apps to work well together and to fill in gaps with unique business logic and applications.

The Claris platform, including Server and Pro, is uniquely suited to this challenge. Most low-code application development platforms have no escape hatches–low code to nowhere really sucks.

Defining the Modern FileMaker Revolution

“Modern FileMaker” is a philosophy and practice of using FileMaker and the Claris platform to create digital solutions that transform businesses.

FileMaker is different than other low-code/no-code tools. Getting started is easy with FileMaker. But it can also solve complex business problems such as mobile use cases, workflow automation challenges, and custom integrations. FileMaker lets you create simple tools or rich, beautifully designed experiences that users love.

When you think you have reached the end, you discover that you can extend FileMaker with web technologies–use powerful JavaScript frameworks to build add-ons and custom web applications that are tightly integrated with FileMaker. Think web portals for customers, using Slack to query a FileMaker customer data hub, or automating messages with Twilio, just to name a few.

Modern FileMaker characteristics

  • Agileeasy to modify, easy to extend
  • Built for scale
  • Connected, in a cloud network
  • Designed for a modern workforce
  • Efficientas simple as possible, but not simpler
  • Fast

The Proof+Geist way

  • Cloud-first
  • Loosely coupled
  • Follow modern development practices
  • Use Web technologies

Cloud first

Today, the server, not the file, is the center of innovation. The cloud is more reliable and available. All the other apps with which you want to integrate are there. Modern, open, ubiquitous technologies like REST, JSON, and oData are all native cloud technologies.

Modern FileMaker apps are developed and deployed in the cloud, which requires a hosting platform designed for FileMaker in the cloud. Ottomatic is our expression of what a cloud-first FileMaker hosting platform should be.

Loosely coupled

Loosely-coupled apps are easier to build, maintain and optimize. Make smaller, lighter, more tightly focused apps integrated into older legacy and modern SaaS applications over internet protocols. Look for ways to build APIs into your apps so that other applications can connect to them. Choose decoupled technologies like PubSub.

Modern development practices

Modern FileMaker also means using modern software development practices and professional development tools. At Proof+Geist, we use Design Thinking, iterative development, and continuous feedback to create products quickly and safely. We have separate development, staging, and production environments to help us work more efficiently. We believe we are better together than alone. To support these ideas and practices, we’ve created world-class tools and shared them with the world.

Leverage web technologies

The modern FileMaker revolution embraces Web technologies like REST, JSON, and Javascript. Modern web frameworks are a great way to extend FileMaker to reach more users or to create richer user experiences.

Join the revolution!

We love to make transformative, networked digital solutions and business operating systems for people. We do so with modern Claris FileMaker and web technologies.