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Otto is a tool that augments the capabilities of FileMaker Server. Otto helps developers automate data migrations, transfer files between servers, create receivers for incoming webhooks, schedule backups, handle application logging, and much more.

Have a question about the structure of your FileMaker custom app? Don’t wait for long analysis reports to run or settle for stale data. Get the answer now, so you can keep developing.

FMComparison will give you an actionable list of differences between any two FileMaker Files. Yes, you need this.


SimpleQ is a messaging service that allows applications to work together in a loosely-coupled fashion.

There’s no cost to download and use SimpleQ.

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Ottomatic hero Faster. Simpler. Effortless FileMaker Hosting

Faster. Simpler. Effortless FileMaker Hosting

Expertly Crafted for Your FileMaker Apps

With world-class infrastructure focused on speed, security, and flexibility, Ottomatic helps you develop, host, and deploy modern Claris FileMaker applications.


Unlimited data transfer and unmetered bandwidth, 10GB connection

Multi-tier backup strategy

Dedicated External Firewall

My world changed!! The migrations from Dev to Prod have been flawless from the first time I ran it… turning what was, as you know, hours and hours of work into 4-6 minute updates. Seriously life changing.

Dina Torok

Data Maven Consulting, LLC