Proof+Geist Affiliate

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Proof+Geist is a team of developers, programmers, analysts, and writers who have worked together for over a decade. We’re also thinkers, builders, artists, athletes, volunteers, photographers, gardeners, chefs, parents, farmers, utopian-seekers, and hard workers.

At Proof+Geist, there are different roles that Affiliates can have in a given project. Across these roles, the same core values/expectations apply. Our ethos is shaped around our belief that we are foremost a company about and for people, and we are radically focused on delivering the best value. We place a heavy emphasis on teamwork, collaboration, and the process used to achieve this.

What’s great about being a Proof+Geist Affiliate?

  • Solve some of the hardest problems in our industry alongside some of the brightest minds
  • Learn Proof+Geist tools and development methodologies
  • Professional development and training opportunities (we’ll teach you how to do new things)
  • Collaborative, supportive work environment
  • Fast, consistent, and competitive payment

Does this sound like a place you want to work? If “Yes,” continue on.

What characteristics make you a good candidate for the Proof+Geist team?

  • Integrity
  • Being a team player – we are team-oriented, honor the process
  • Willingness to learn and hone your craft
  • Desire to work collaboratively
  • Deep commitment to making the world a better place
  • Unique, creative perspectives on crafting solutions

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What roles are available to Affiliates?

We have needs in the following roles, but if you excel in a different area, we’d still love to hear from you.

  • Project Managers
  • FileMaker Developers
  • PHP/JavaScript/React Developers
  • Junior Developers
  • UI/UX Specialists
  • Visual Designers

Do you have expertise or interest in any of these roles? If “Yes,” continue on.

The first step to joining the Proof+Geist Affiliate program is to complete our affiliate interest form. Then, you can schedule a time to meet with Taylor McGuire, Sales and Project Coordinator, to discuss the details of the program and see if it’s a mutual fit!