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  • GoZync: Architecting For Mobile Feature Image

    GoZync: Architecting For Mobile

    November 8, 2011 / By: Todd Geist / FileMaker, GoZync

    FileMaker Go solutions that are installed locally on the iPhone or iPad provide a better over-all user experience because they are faster than hosted solutions and can work even when you don’t have a good connection. Once you decide to go down this path, you are faced with two problems. First how do you exchange data with the hosted FileMaker Application? Second, how do you deploy new versions of your solution to your users in the field?  These turn out to be […]

  • Why Go Local? Feature Image

    Why Go Local?

    April 12, 2011 / By: Todd Geist / FileMaker Go, GoZync

    When FileMaker Go first shipped, I wrote about it being a whole new platform. The opportunity that it presented was so big that I thought FileMaker Go would be come the first Platform that I would build for. But in the months after the release, I didn’t even use it much myself. I was curious about this but I didn’t have an answer. Then at Pause on Error I got my answer. Here is the story. FileMaker Go worked as […]



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