For every business, it all comes down to money. The successful ones know where the money is spent and the benefits those investments provide. Expenditures must be justified with tangible benefits for the company. Period.

That is, if the company is to continue.


Time is a paradox. Time is both endless and impossibly, improbably finite. It is at the same time both in abundance and in short supply, depending on your relative position to it.

Time is also the one thing you absolutely cannot manufacture nor control.

That event will start. That truck will depart. That plane will take off. That container ship will set sail. That rocket will launch. That fiscal year will end. Those books will close.

Will you meet the deadline?

A company can produce more work in a day by hiring more employees, but it cannot create more time.

…or can it?

Something as seemingly innocuous as a company-provided coffee can reap benefits beyond just increased productivity and employee job satisfaction. It can also benefit the company directly through the elimination of “The Coffee Fund” and the labor burden of handling the micro-transactions, both financial and productivity related.

It all adds up. A million pennies is ten thousand dollars.


Every business must receive outstanding value for its expenditures if the company is to thrive and grow. Every dollar spent on parts, equipment, overhead, and employees must not only replace itself; it must grow exponentially if it is to have a future. It must provide substantial benefit.

Every single dollar.

Each solitary kernel of corn sown in the ground must yield several thousand replacements or the farmer will not survive. Thousands of years ago, that was a literal statement. A failed crop meant the end of that branch of the family tree.

Your company’s survival is no different. Its future depends entirely on how your time and money is invested today, especially in today’s uncertain financial future. The entire world is facing it.

How will your company maximize its efforts? How will your company use its value to thrive?

Enter Otto

Otto is Developer Operations for your FileMaker Pro solutions. It automates the tedious and error-prone manual processes of deploying updates, migrating data, and monitoring that progress. 

Migrations that used to take an hour or more, now take mere minutes to set up with Otto. Automated deployments, whether the company is a mom-and-pop operation with two servers or one of the largest corporations on the planet with development, staging, and production servers located in multiple timezones and continents, are no problem.

The sun never sets on Otto (probably).

Otto makes things happen. A click of a button? At a certain time? When certain conditions are met?  Sure!

Run a script when complete? No problem! Offsite file backups to S3 Servers? Absolutely!

Presto! Abracadabra!

We cannot legally state that Otto is magic, but our clients tell us over and over again that it is.
The tedium of file migration disappears! Worries about offsite file security vanish! The chains binding developers to manual file deployments shatter!

The only wonders that remain are how they ever lived without it.

Otto ROI Calculator

Unfortunately, we don’t have a unit to quantify “Peace of Mind”. We’ll leave that one up to you. The Otto ROI Calculator shows how many hours and how much time and money Otto will save you. Even with only two servers, Otto pays for itself faster than you can imagine.

Regain control over your time. Focus your effort on things that matter like development and sleep easily.

…while Otto deploys and backs up your files, “Otto-matically.”