Geist Interactive teamed up with Claris to produce a webinar focused on what JavaScript Can do for your FileMaker Apps. We also discussed how JavaScript fits perfectly into the FileMaker 19 Open Platform Release. Below are a list of resources, next steps and other online resources for people who attended the webinar.

Here’s the video:

Webinar Resources

Here are links to all the libraries we used in the webinar.

  • DataTables: Our number one library for creating a list view with a lot of built-in functionality. Check out Todd’s demo file.
  • Apex Charts: This is a cool, smooth, and modern charting library.
  • Kanban: The way we built a Kanban board as an add-on for FileMaker.
  • FullCalendar: The best and most widely used calendar JavaScript Library.
  • TUI Image Editor: A highly-functional image editor JavaScript Library.
  • PSPDFKit: A commercial JavaScript library that allows a user to annotate onto a PDF.

Geist Interactive Examples, Demos and Learning Tools

  • Jeremy’s JS Playground: A file we put together to lead the training session at DevCon 2018 and 2019. This is the OLD file. Download the next one if you wish to have the updated version.
  • JS Learning Path: A series of familiar FileMaker use cases and exercises in JavaScript.
  • DataTables Config file: A demonstration of using DataTables without knowing any of the JS. You can create settings in a FileMaker record, and use those to create a configuration.
  • DataTables: A list of all the blog posts we’ve done on this library.
  • C3 Charts: Another charting library. The post provides a start and end file and steps on how to integrate.
  • Audio Player: A cool small library to play an audio file in a container field.
  • FileMaker & JavaScript: Additional videos and posts about our JS study.
  • FileMaker & Javascript Training Session Redone: Jeremy posted videos and the files he used during the 2019 DevCon Training Session.

From the Claris FileMaker Community

Online Learning


We’re Here to Help

If you have any questions about these resources, if you want to chat about JavaScript, learn JavaScript, or have us develop add-ons and integrations for you, reach out at We’re here for the FileMaker community to power up their apps with JavaScript.