UPDATE 10/08/2022

Here are the current links to register for Office Hours

Geist Interactive is here for you. Our three featured products, Otto, FMPerception, and LedgerLink are dev tools that you can use to be solve workflow problems for you or your customers. They’re used by many people all over the world, and they drastically improve your efficiency in your development work.

We realize these tools have lots of features and nuances of which you may not be aware. So we are pleased to be opening Office Hours on each of these dev tools starting the week of April 13, 2020. Experts (including the Geist Interactive Team and Dave Ramsey) will be available for you during the scheduled session. You can freely call in and ask questions and learn more about the featured tool in the session.


There’s a lot of benefits to attending office hours. Let’s consider a few of them:

  1. You get to talk with the actual developer of the tool and those that use the tool everyday here at Geist Interactive.
  2. Your burning questions will be answered as we give you some real-time attention.
  3. You can simply listen in and hear what others are asking about the dev tool. It’s likely you’ll pick up something new about the tool just by listening.
  4. Feel free to offer your suggestions on how to use the tool.

See, in just four reasons, we’ve made a strong case for attending Office Hours at Geist Interactive.

The Details

How Will We Communicate?

Since you can’t come into Todd’s or Dave’s (Graham or Ramsey) office to physically sit with them, we will be using RingCentralMeetings for our sessions for now. You’ll download a small app to your machine as you join a session for the first time.

Scheduled Times

We’re still experimenting with the times, but for now we’ll try 1pm PDT. Virtual office doors will be open for an hour or so depending on the conversation happening. Let us know if you have suggestions on other times that would work for you!

Getting In

For now there’s no registration; simply follow this link and choose the tool and day you’d like to attend.

Upcoming Office Hours

We’ve scheduled two Office Hours sessions in the next week. Use any of the links below to schedule a time for this week or any upcoming session. There are two sessions scheduled for this week, shown below. But you can find future dates for each of the dev tools.

FMPerception Office Hours

Thursday, April 16, 1pm PDT

Schedule time with us!

Otto Office Hours

Friday, April 17, 1pm PDT

Schedule time with us


LedgerLink Office Hours

Schedule time with us

Come and attend Office Hours. Depending on your timezone, bring snacks and a beverage and kick back and discuss with others how you use these dev tools in your daily work. Feel free to stay as long as you’d like during the scheduled time and chat.