Get FMPerception for Free!

FMPerception is the fastest FileMaker analysis program on the market today. It is so fast and so thorough that it becomes part of how you “perceive” your solution. It becomes your 6th sense, your FMPerception!

But suddenly acquiring a new perception could be a bit daunting. What do you look at first? What’s important? How do you find the answer to a question you have about your solution?

We’d like to help people develop this new perception on their own solutions. So we are giving away a copy of FMPerception and a free 2-hour consultation to a select few FileMaker Developers. Here is how it’ll work.

Real World

The best way to show people how to use FMPerception is with real FileMaker apps that people actually use to get stuff done.  Demo files can only go so far.  FMPerception shines in the real world. So, we are looking for people with real-world solutions that they think could be improved by using FMPerception and adopting it as part of their development workflow. We’d like to sit down with them ( over screen-share ) and spend some time going over what FMPerception can do for them.

What You Get

If selected to participate, you will receive:

  • A free single-user license for FMPerception good for one year of free updates.
  • Two-hour training and consulting session with

In that two hour consultation, we’ll focus on using FMPerception to improve both your custom application and how you work on it. You can ask any questions about how to solve particular problems you are facing or just more general problems that you think FMPerception could help you with. We can also answer any more general questions about application architecture and development practices in general.

If you already own a single user FMPerception license we’ll extend your free upgrades for two years. If you have a larger license like a Small Team license, we’ll give you $499 off your next renewal. In all cases, you’ll receive $499 cash value.


This is not for everyone. There are some requirements that some people may not ok with. So please read carefully. You have to be ok with us recording the session, and publishing the recording in some form on our website.  We intend to use these sessions as market research and marketing. They will be made public in the form of blog posts or marketing videos. We’ll give you a chance to review the recording before we take it public. You can ask us to remove anything particularly sensitive, like security or passwords that get accidentally recorded.

We will not make the actual FileMaker files or the XML DDRs available for download. Only the recordings will be made public.

We are also looking for applications that are somewhat complex. A single file with just a couple of tables probably isn’t enough. We are looking for solutions that have at least a dozen tables, and many scripts and layouts. Multi-file solutions are fine, even preferred.

If you are still interested in this offer see the form below.

How to Apply

Fill out the form below.  If your solution is chosen we’ll get in touch to schedule the session.