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Common questions about the Proof Group and Geist Interactive merger. If your question is not answered here please contact us.

What just happened?

Proof Group and Geist Interactive have joined together to form Proof+Geist. Proof+Geist unlocks the full potential of the Claris Platform by providing an integrated suite of design and development services, hosting, tools, and products. You can read the Press Release here.

How the heck do you say "Proof+Geist"?

Proof+Geist is pronounced / pruf gaɪst /. The "+" is silent.

Will I still be able to work with the same folks I’ve worked with previously?

We know that relationships are more than just lines between database tables. If you’ve been working with a team at Proof or Geist Interactive, rest assured that you’ll continue working with those folks. If the project could benefit from the additional skills of one of our joint team members, we would love to introduce you.

What is Proof+Hosting?

Proof+Hosting is a next-generation infrastructure solution and hosting service for all your Claris FileMaker hosting needs, and much, much more. Learn more about Proof+Hosting here.

What’s happening to ProofEdu?

Education is in our roots, and the new Proof+Geist continues our commitment to our Education customers. ProofEDU will benefit from the integration of new modules and add-ons as well as the launch of our new Proof+Hosting service.

What’s happening to Geist Interactive’s FileMaker tools and add-ons?

Geist’s award-winning dev tools and add-ons will remain supported for current and Claris-supported versions of FileMaker. Product documentation can be found here. But stay tuned, as there’s more to come!

I have purchased products from Geist Interactive. Will there be any changes to the support I receive?

Yes! You’ll receive more support for products that you’ve purchased. With more members of the team on board, there are more people to become experts in FMPerception, Otto, LedgerLink, and other add-ons and tools. You can still find all of our product documentation here.

Can you help me learn FileMaker, JavaScript, or other skills?

We are always happy to set up a coaching arrangement where one of our team members will mentor you as you develop a solution. For many aspiring developers, this is the best of both worlds: the final product is a top-tier application and you get to learn the best practices from the field as you build it.

What is the best way to get in touch?

If you have already purchased a Geist Interactive or Proof product, you can reach out to our support team – we’re happy to answer any questions you have and provide the support you need. If you have questions, comments, or would like to start a new project, please reach out to us via our contact page or email us at


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