Junior FileMaker Software Engineer

Full time, remote

Proof+Geist is looking for a dynamic, inquisitive, and motivated FileMaker developer eager to work alongside seasoned professionals (remotely) to solve real-life problems. You will be treated as a full team member from the start and will never be asked to get coffee or do busywork. We believe that making a dent in the universe requires everyone’s voice and contribution—including yours. 

This position has elements of software design, software development, and customer support, and is centered on the FileMaker software platform. Put another way, it is a bit of everything at a basic level. It will involve working closely with other members of the Proof+Geist team to provide excellent service to our customers and grow your skills. 

As a Junior FileMaker Software Engineer, you should expect to:

  • Implement system designs, write scripts, and build layouts in FileMaker for both existing, legacy FileMaker systems, as well as “build from scratch” systems
    • Work collaboratively with team members and stakeholders, including clients, project managers, account managers, and UX designers
    • Contribute to project work through team workshops, development, and documentation
  • Gain knowledge, experience, and understanding of what Proof+Geist offers, including:
    • HelpDesk – Level 1 Otto/Ottomatic Support for infrastructure/hosting team
    • Customer support for EDU clients
    • FileMaker developer/consultant for custom development (Services) clients
    • Support for Services projects and clients
  • Learn about Proof+Geist offerings and tools, including Ottomatic, Otto, FMPerception, and FMComparison


To be a Junior FileMaker Software Engineer, we require at least some familiarity with and experience using FileMaker software. We also ask that you have:

  • Confident, friendly, and professional interpersonal skills
  • Some experience in FileMaker development
  • Creative problem-solving skills
  • Strong organizational skills to help manage tasks
  • Ability to work and thrive in a fast-paced environment, learn rapidly, and master diverse technologies and techniques
  • Willingness to learn and acquire expert-level fluency in methodologies such as Design Thinking

Our ideal Junior FileMaker Software Engineer

While not requirements, here are some skills our ideal candidate may have some exposure to or interest in the following skills. If you have experience with any of these, please be sure to mention it in your cover letter:

  • Modern FileMaker development lifecycle, especially working in a development environment and pushing changes to production using tools like Otto
  • Web development, particularly React 
  • Building API integrations
  • Deploying and managing FileMaker servers
  • Using Design Thinking as a problem-solving methodology
  • Discussing and analyzing business problems, either for one’s own business or for clients

About us

Proof+Geist is a warm, caring community of humans. We’re also a rapidly growing technology company that makes businesses better by designing and building software systems centered around the Claris platform. Considering that we’re mostly software developers, we have an unusually high concentration of art, philosophy, and religion majors on our team

Our offerings fall into three broad categories: 

We place a heavy emphasis on teamwork, collaboration, feedback, and process. 

Work hours and benefits

  • This is a salaried position, we expect an average work week availability of 40 hours. Sorry, but visa sponsorship is not available; you must be based and eligible to work in the US.
  • It is anticipated that from time to time seasonal or project needs will require time beyond 40 hours, including occasionally for overnight and weekend emergencies.
  • We expect that you will commit to being available from 10am to 3pm Eastern time, Monday to Friday, for meetings and collaboration. Time outside of that can be and often is flexible. Our operations team is primarily based in the eastern time zone, and our team more broadly is primarily US-based.
  • You are expected to set up a home office from which to work. Office expenses are your responsibility unless otherwise arranged.

Salary and benefits

The salary range for this position is $50-65k a year and will vary based on experience, background, and skill set. 

  • Company holiday (~12 paid days, including a winter holiday closure week) and PTO (15 days) as outlined in the Proof+Geist Employee Handbook
  • Family-focused work environment with allowances for flexibility in schedule
  • Company sponsored health, dental, and vision plans
  • Company sponsored 401(k)
  • This position will be eligible for additional employee benefits as they are made available

To apply

To be considered for the Junior FileMaker Software Engineer position, please submit the following to join-us [at] proofgeist.com:

  • a resume
  • cover letter
  • a creative supplement to your application; you may choose to submit a small (~250 words)/short (max 3 minute) additional material in whatever format you choose– poetry, short video, photographs, a short writing response, a zine, or any medium of your choosing addressing one of the following prompts:
    • What are you most curious about right now?
    • What’s something you’ve designed, built, or tinkered with lately?

Perfection is neither desired nor possible, so we hope that you will timebox yourself to about an hour in synthesizing this creative supplement. This is meant to be an outlet of self-expression rather than a burden.

We will accept applications on a rolling basis.